Here is my review of the Block Periodization book for the Vladimir Issurin serves as a scientific and professional coordinator at. This second book on block periodization by Dr. Issurin further expands the understanding of not only block periodization, but also the general concept of training. The most important and fundamental principle of block periodization is the Issurin () points out that training cycles (he calls them training blocks or.

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It touches on traditional training periodization which was promulgated more than five decades ago, and nontraditional approaches such as block periodization which continues to draw the interest of coaches, athletes, and periodkzation analysts.

No accumulation of fatigue Full recovery is not possible, fatigue accumulates Decrease in training load to ensure full recovery at the end of the cycle Training load Average. Low volume, intensity high Testing battery Tests for basic abilities. Sportlyzer Academy garners the best training planning and analysis practices for rowers and rowing coaches.

Its general idea issurij the use and sequencing of specialized mesocycle-blocks, where highly concentrated training workloads are focused on a minimal number of motor and technical abilities. The next step is the dividing of the annual cycle into training stages, where each one contains a consecutive combination of extensive work on basic abilities, more intensive work on sport-specific abilities and the reduction that is accomplished by testing or competition.

Block periodization versus traditional training theory: a review.

Microcycles, mesocycles and training stages There is a differentiation between microcycles the shortest training cycles in three principle ways: Here is my review of the Block Periodization book for the amazon. Residual training effects are explained and there is an interesting table showing residual duration of various motor abilities after cessation of training. Gradually, these experiences led to alternative coaching concepts and, ultimately, a revamped training approach called Block Periodization.

New approach, or Block Periodization Concept BPC utilize concentrated workloads with sequential consecutive development of motor abilities with the aim of achieving multi-peaks during the year.

If you are currently not a member, then I would like to invite you to become one. General principles of BPC are discussed, and the new way of structuring the annual cycle with three types of mesocycle blocks accumulation, transmutation and realization is explained. More sport-specific examples should have been introduced.


Unlike traditional periodization, which usually tries to develop many abilities simultaneously, the block peruodization suggests consecutive training stimulation of carefully selected fitness components. There is also a discussion of sensitive periodsalong with talent identification. He has written over scientific articles in national and international journals and over 50 international presentations.

Anyway, I hardly imagine that BP can be used in team sports with such a long competition period and short blick period, although there are some interesting concepts and ideas like mini-blocks, compatibility and sequencing of training modalities, designing of a microcycle that could also be use in more traditional or complex-parallel periodization.

It is unique in the field because it issruin successful experience from world sport practice with the scientific basis of sport training. Long-term preparation In chapter 4 there are discussions regarding annual plan, quadrennial cycle, sport longevity and long-term preparation of periodizatioon athletes.

Training effects Chapter 3: Last but not least is his treatment of modeling that can be very productive in terms of finalizing the training targets, individual and collective norms of sport specific abilities and training workloads. Where issurih I get it and how much does it cost? Furthermore, the descriptions of approaches to planning of the training phases and annual training is being discussed, taking into account phases of the acclimatization and re-acclimatization, along with three main goals of AT taken into account.

Evidence-based analysis of the traditional periodization model led to elaboration of alternative versions of athletic preparation. Specifically, the accumulation, transmutation and realization mesocycles are described with respect to the sequencing of various microcycles. Issurin further expands the understanding of not only block periodization, but also the general concept of training.

Modeled performance Speed Tactics Mental preparation. The trials and successful experiences of prominent coaches and researchers led to alternative training concepts and, ultimately, to a reformed training approach that was called block periodization BP.

Based on above mentioned considerations, the annual cycle design can be presented as the sequence of the training blocks, where similar aims can be presented as the sequence of more or less autonomous stages, where similar aims can be obtained by means of a partially renewed and qualitatively improved training program Issurin, Learn the secrets of successful athletic training. Every chapter has a summary of the main topics discussed and references used in it.


Both versions differ in their methodological background, duration and content of training blocks, possibilities of providing multi-peak performances, and applicability to various sports. There is a description of phases of altitude acclimatization: Aerobic endurance Basic coordination General strength Sport-specific abilities: From the general point of view these training stages look like miniature annual cycles by including a block resembling the preparatory period, a block resembling the competitive period and ends with tapering.

There is also very interesting and clear load related classification to developmental, retentional and restorational load. The binding is sturdy. At the bottom of this page members can find the appropriate coupon code and use it whenever they like.

What does this product claim? So, the anwer depends on the situation you deal with. However, further progress in sport science has reinforced the contradictions between traditional periodization and the successful experiences of prominent coaches and athletes. Examination of the training effects producing by the CU model in combat and team periovization has found significant gains in various fitness estimates but not in sport-specific performances.

The basics of annual cycle construction included goals and objectives, sequencing the main steps in the annual plan, isshrin general tendencies in workload compilation. Breakthrough in Sport Training.

Block Periodization 2 by Dr. Issurin – Dr. Yessis SportLab

In case the competition is not possible, it should be substituted with a testing battery, specific for the aims of the training cycle.

It is hypothesized that different types of mesocycle-blocks are suitable iszurin various modes of biological adaptation, i. To conclude, BP has its place and this book is currently the best there is on this subject.