I, Rigoberta Menchu (), is the personal narrative of the life of a young Guatemalan Quiche Indian woman. Written in the genre of testimonio, Menchu’s. “Now a global bestseller, the remarkable life of Rigoberta Menchú, a Guatemalan peasant woman, reflects on the experiences common to many Indian. Her story reflects the experiences common to many Indian communities in Latin America today. Rigoberta suffered gross injustice and hardship in her early life.

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This book is a phenomenal book on equality, and natural human rights. There are 22 different groups of Guatemalan Indians, including the Quiche, Cak-chiquel, Kekchi, and Mam, all of which speak their own languages. I, Rigoberta Menchu was the third life-history we read, and I was completely touched by her eloquent story-telling, and her dreadfully touching and powerful struggle.

This was written in give or take a year during the Guatemala’s Civil War. He received no pay and the ladinos did not allow him in their house.

She was away at boarding school when she claimed this happened and it never did happen. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

Menchu and her book, and I believe that it is a good and constructive thing. Dec 08, Florence rated it really liked it Shelves: IRigoberta Menchuis the personal narrative of the life of a young Guatemalan Quiche Indian woman. The couple are given the chance to get to know each other better, while chaperoned by at least one of her parents.


This is both a beautiful and chilling personal narrative. Some of the stories didn’t happen to her, but they happened to other Guatemalans. Living in Guatemala for two years, including more than a year with the Poqomchi and Q’eqchi’ Indians I was really able to relate to this book and understand how real the fight for equality was and still is to some level.

Nine Guardians portrays the good and the bad without judgment, allowing the reader to draw his own conclusions.

This last characteristic can be easily linked with the nature of memory. Modern Language Association http: Rare is the indigenous woman who receives a Nobel Prize; rarer still that she should do so without controversy.

Chapter 27 is inndian her mother, and it’s also upsetting. The idea is not just to read and discuss the book, but guaremala actively engage students through pedagogical strategies to deepen their awareness and experience of cultural texts. I want to know if the polarization so evident in this text us vs.

I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala

Stoll raises menfhu serious questions that situate the teaching of Postcolonial texts as a political activity. It is the goal of the Nobel Women’s Initiative to help strengthen women’s rights around the world.

And the book suffers for it. She was taught that schools are bad because they take away and destroy the Mayan culture. But there are serious drawbacks to consider, and much of what Menchu claims seems to need a healthy dose of salt to be swallowed.


Her mother was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and left to rot.

The Indians are good; the ladinos any Guatemalan who rejects Indian values are bad. This section needs additional citations for verification. In her narrative, Menchu dichotomizes the people of Guatemala into good and bad.

Is the book worth picking up? Her voice decries an unjust Civil War and asserts the right of a culture to exist within a larger, global community.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Want to Read saving…. This book is a zn of Rigoberta Menchu’s childhood and later years in Guatemala as an Indian woman.

Rigoberta Menchú – Wikipedia

A few years after the book came out, David Stoll he has his doctorate from Stanford University was While I found the story interesting, this is supposed to be Rigoberta Menchu’s autobiography and my standard for autobiography is that it should be TRUE and HONEST yet this is nothing but a pack of lies and that taints the story.

Although Wo,an shouted from an upstairs window that they were not to enter, the police broke down the door and stormed the embassy.

My name is Rigoberta Menchu.