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Discussion in ‘ Subwoofers ‘ started by MemberApr 21, Apr 21, at 1: MemberApr 21, Nov 18, Messages: The Fen Edge Ratings: This is like putting on an old slipper nehringer It’s behrijger long time since I started a thread in the subwoofers forum, but I just bought something that belongs here and nowhere else. Avoid such an item flogged by russ.

The search was on. However, in subwoofer world, cheap EQ doesn’t move on much in a time scale measurable in significant portions of a decade. I was thus surprised to see an entirely new Feedback Destroyer listed on the website of all things copied. The FBQ, no less. I bought one from yourspares. No matter; I generally berhinger at least five subwoofers with in-built EQ lying around the joint, so I wasn’t exactly going without.

Before you break out the hanky with tears of sympathy for my situation, consider the care taken for where you stored your subwoofer box. Now consider finding room for five others and then look for somewhere to store the twenty five speakers they came with In fact, I’m not sure why they made it, unless there was a previously unknown market segment between the DSP and the FBQ, but hell!

I’ve tested a fair few subwoofer EQ devices down the years. In fact, none failed in behringger intended modus operandi, regardless of price. Beuringer – the Antimode springs to mind – were exceptional for their price. However, for the sub-bass aficionado willing to learn the true acoustic shape of their room, the Behringer Feedback Destroyer BFD remains the weapon of choice, especially when partnered with with the brilliant and behringdr Room Equalization Wizard REW.

Buying a new one has reminded me that there is a bit of a learning curve to cope with initially, but in the long run, the partnership of a BFD, plus REW, remains the most powerful, manual subwoofer EQ device you can buy. It is also true that learning REW extends it’s use beyond subwoofers, into loudspeaker setup.

Every set of speakers I review, is measured using REW, as it short circuits hours of listening to speakers to get the best bass response.

The ear is crap at such a task, whilst measurement does not lie. Once this is done, the audiophile niceties such as imaging, which is a subjective task, can be got to and sorted sooner.


This mostly involves toe in angles, having read the manufacturers recommendations.

This doesn’t stop me measuring further, but when it comes to the lower behrunger and up, there is less you can do with measurement, other than note that different speakers do so.

Behringsr ever, I suggest measurements for the basis of your setup, even if it is only to work out if you want to plug your ports, or not. It’s not easy initially, but it is cheap and it will be worth learning as it will useful with every speaker, or sub, you ever buy. Thanks x 3 List.

Behringer FBQ Feedback Destroyer Demo | DJ Amplifier | DJ Audio | Chicago DJ Equipment

Apr 21, at 8: Feb 24, Messages: Well worded and eloquently written! Mar 16, Messages: I often wondered what the differences were between the 2 models.

Apr 21, at There are probably other differences, but as far as I can tell, it’s just a red light and two extra bands of PEQ per channel over the ten of the It’s a bit academic for me, as I never seem to need more than eight, but the main point is that it is very cheap. Apr 21, at 9: Apr 1, Messages: South West Scotland Ratings: Thanks for your input and insight.

Apr 27, at 4: Apr 29, Messages: Hopefully that doesn’t mean that all the other DSPP’s out there or, more selfishly, mine will start going loopy as well I’m still tempted to just move it to behind the TV unit so that its bright LED’s can only distract the spiders etc. Apr 27, at 7: MemberApr 27, I guess everything dies eventually.

Because the BFD draws milliamps, I tended to leave mine permanently on.

Behringer Feedback Destroyer FBQ1000 User Manual

That may have killed it, indeed turning things on and off can do likewise – So who knows? At the end of the day, the humble BFD is cheap because it isn’t exactly made of expensive bits and nor is it subjected to the most rigorous QC.

My original second hand one was silent, the second always had a bit of a hiss, although having FF subwoofer drivers that have a flat FR up to about 1kHz probably doesn’t help – They tend to let noise through, that a normal sub would roll off. I didn’t even notice the hissy one when I had a DF sub, because the audible noise was absorbed by the carpet the driver was pointed at.

Either way, the current one seems silent. Finger crossed for the long run! Apr 27, at 8: AngelEyesApr 27, Mar 23, Messages: Detached from reality Ratings: Hello Stranger, Alternatively, for those wanting something a bit more discrete, easier to use, more flexible and also communicates directly with REW, the miniDSP can be had for similar money. I did tell you I have one I am not using didn’t I Russ?


You see how popular they are lol Adam. Apr 27, at Fine, but what about you? Just nab it next time you decide to be sociable I’ll give you the low down. Apr 28, at 9: I’m waiting to try my bfd out when I get my subs back from the glossers.

FBQ | Feedback Suppressors | Signal Processors | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

I did try just putting a measurement in rew and running the filters to see where it would apply the filters but It didn’t show me that it was doing any filtering below 30hz even though I set the target as flat down to 10hz.

I am guessing that it wasn’t doing any boosting below 30hz as that is where the roll off is so would I have to do that part manually or should rew be capable of getting the performance that low without any manual tweaking? Hi Martin You will have to boost the subs natural roll off, the Behringer only allows control down to 20hz but it is possible to manipulate further down.

I would also suggest the midi cable, it makes it far easier to apply the filters.

Thanks x 1 List. Apr 28, at MemberApr 28, Apr 29, at 9: Apr 29, at Russell – just a quick question if you wouldn’t mind: Can’t find a clear answer to this. Apr 29, at 6: MemberApr 29, May 1, at MemberMay 1, I’m beginning to wonder exactly what the difference is? I can’t see a point in spending the extra to get the May 2, at Thanks Russell, good to know! I guess the FBQ could have a newer circuit board etc which might work our cheaper for Behringer, and it could just be a marketing thing where they can just say “look, new product!

Jun 30, at 8: Feb 28, Messages: Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands Ratings: I received my FBQ and connected it between my pre-subwoofer out of my receiver and my subwoofer itself. The first thing I would like to know is how to config the FBQ in order to ‘by-pass’ all as if he isn t there. Jul 9, at 2: Jul 24, at Mr AVJul 24, Aug 30, Messages: Jul 30, at Jul 30, Messages: