Vision de Anahuac is an evocation of the artistic image of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan Mexico, or as it appeared in to the eyes of the Spanish. Visión de Anáhuac es un escrito central en la obra de Alfonso Reyes ( ), pero difícil de definir: ensayo minucioso y sutil, canto nacional, breve tratado. Vision de anahuac (Spanish Edition) [Alfonso Reyes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los nueve ensayos reunidos en este libro son.

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He was the Mexican ambassador to Brazil from to and again in In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Hieroglyphic writing offers the most varied and abundant material. Three monarchical regimes, divided by parentheses of anarchy, are here an example of how the work of the state grows and corrects itself before the same threats of nature and the same land to hoe.

Garlands, trees, maguey, and maize alternate as the hieroglyphs for places.

The historical age in which the conquistadors arrived proceeded precisely from the rain of flowers that fell on the heads of men at the end of the fourth cosmic sun. After Germany invaded France inhe moved to MadridSpain, and pursued a literary career as journalist, investigator, translator, critic, and writer.

I know not how to describe it. The cries of parrots, the thunder of waterfalls, the savage eyes of beasts!

However, they are currently experiencing issues in downloading content. The confrontation of human sensibility with the same natural world cultivates and engenders a common soul. The reeys was one of the twenty signs of the days; the flower is also the sign of the noble and the lovely, and, at the same time, represents all perfumes and drinks.


He wrote friends abroad in every part of the world and gave discourses, spoke at conferences anahiac contributed to homages and cultural reunions. Retrieved from ” https: We also seek the flower, nature, and the landscape of the valley in the indigenous poetry. In these profusions of fire and fantasy, other tropical regions surely outdo us.

In alronso sharp outlines of the illustrations, fruit and leaf, stem and root, are abstract forms, their clarity undisturbed by color. When the makers of the desert finish their labors, the social catastrophe erupts. In the Age of Discovery, reyfs appear filled with extraordinary news and fanciful geographies.

One, the virgin jungle of America, so long-sung it is hardly worth describing. At least for those who like to have their wills alert and minds clear at all hours. The chatter is a delicious music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges referred to Reyes as “the greatest prose writer in the Spanish language of any age”. So observed a great traveler, whose name merits the pride of New Spain; a classical and universal man like those of the Renaissance, who resuscitated in his century the ancient way of acquiring wisdom on the road, and the habit of writing only of his own memories and meditations: And on the coasts of New France, groups of natives given over to hunting and fishing, to dancing or the building of cities.

The cups of the spinners have black flowers on a yellow background, and, on occasion, the flower appears to be evoked merely by a few fugitive lines.

Visión de Anáhuac

The principal material for studying the artistic representation of plants in America is found in the monuments of culture that apfonso in the valley of Mexico immediately before the conquest. He published numerous essays about poetry of the Spanish Golden Agestanding out among them: Sweet clicks can be heard; the vowels flow and consonants tend to liquify.


But glorious it was to see, how the open region. In the same way, a defined scheme is used to represent the tree: Those x’sthose tl’s anahjac, those ch’s that so alarm us written, drip from the lips of the Indian with the smoothness of maguey syrup.

Alfonso Reyes

Ceres’ ears of corn and paradisical plantains, fruits ripe with unknown honey; but, above all, the typical plants: See the footprints of African life, beneath the traditional palm tree next to the squat straw hut, always smoking; men and beasts of other climes, minute and detailed scenes, exotic plants and imagined islands.

Before a great assembly overseen by the Viceroy and the Archbishop, the sluices were opened: In that landscape, not without a certain aristocratic sterility, where the eyes wander with discernment, the mind deciphers every line and caresses every curve; beneath the brilliance of that air and in its pervasive freshness and placidity, those undiscovered men let their broad, meditative, spiritual gaze wander. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.